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The ROUNDMAP Approach to Collaboration by Edwin Korver

The ROUNDMAP Approach to Collaboration by Edwin Korver

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I'm Russell Kern. As a long time board member of non-profit organization and a 40 year CEO of a highly successful marketing agency, I founded the EMZO Group to fill a critical leadership training gap that often hinders a Non-Profit Organizations from effectively delivering on its mission to the levels it desire by its board and donors.

However the methodologies and approach to high performance Non-profit organizational management are rarely put into place within non-profit organizations is not due from a lack of desire by a lack of awareness, time funding and motivation to change.

To help Non-Profit CEO's and their senior leaders, learn and apply the proven approach to strength centric leadership required to build and manage high-performance teams across the organization, The EMZO Group provides a three part coaching and training program combining the most effective and proven skills taught at the top Business Schools, utilized daily by the most successful corporations in the world.


Our coaching and training services are expressly designed to be highly affordably, easy to implement and to delivery quick, quantitative results. 

I look forward to speaking to you more about your needs and our approach to help you thrive. 


Russell Kern




From Hit and Miss Donor Development
to Neuroscience Based, Data Centric Revenue Attraction 
From Misdirected Service Delivery Teams 
To One Strength Centric Organization
From Short Term Vision and Financial Growth Uncertainty
to Long Term Organizational Success Clarity
From Board Members Unclear about their Role To an
 Engaged, Aligned Supporters, Empowering Management 

Members of: 

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Harriet Rosetto
Clinical Director
Beit T'Shuvah

They are a Proven, Powerful Team of Experts


Working with Meryl, Russell and Wendy was transformative for the short and long term growth of Beit T'Shuvah. Meryls' expertise and passion for fundraising is impressive. Russell's expertise as a strategic business leader, our Board Chair was invaluable. Wendy's leadership of all our  internal and external communications transformed our brand and our Donor giving levels. 

Elaine Hall,
CEO Miracle Project

Trusted Advisors


The love and passion Meryl brings to the Autism Community. Her guidance to help me as our founder, and our organization go to the next level is ongoing.

She is an effective coach CEO and serves as invaluable sounding board to discuss overcoming the challenges we face in this dynamic climate

Hire Them!

Russell's 40 years of business strategy, marketing knowledge and team building  expertise contributed to our significant growth as the most unique faith based addiction recovery organization in the world.  He served asa calm and effective board chair steering us through a rocky period. As well Russell and Meryl were  program innovators guided us to create an powerful in-house communications department to not only support fundraising and donor engagement but to serve as a high value vocational training program for our residence. 

Rabbi Mark Borovitzz
Beit T'Shuvah

Results We Will Deliver For You 

The EMZO Group's High-Performance Team Building, Coaching and Strategic Leadership Services use the Strength-Centric Positive Inquiry process specifically to help non-profit organization achieve mission critical outcomes*

  • Innovations for substantial increases in fund raising programs, processes and team effectiveness

  • Increased clarity and communication of organizational short and long term "success" strategies, from donor growth and program delivery, to sustainability and resiliency during negative economic conditions

  • Significant Improvements in leadership "Trust" by staff and the board 

  • Reductions in board, staff and volunteer turnover and dissatisfaction

  • Increases in board engagement, donor referrals, giving levels and improved support for management's leadership

  • Improvements of mission, vision, purpose and impact communications across internal and external channels

* Examples of outcomes documented from organizations and companies, worldwide by David Cooperrider, Diana Whitney and Jacqueline Stavros in The Appreciative Inquiry Handbook, 2nd Edition, Crown Custom Publishing. 

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High Impact

Program Delivery

1. High Effective
Fund Raising
and Donor Engagement
2. High Performance
Leadership, Operations and  
Financial Management
3. Board Passion Development For Effective Fund Raising and 
Leadership Support

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