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Ange Matthews

Team Strength Consultant and Educator

Ange Matthews is a results-driven business executive and leadership expert with over 25 years of experience across entrepreneurial, boutique, Big 4, and Fortune 500 organizations.


Companies of any size can use an outside expert periodically to tackle intransigent challenges. True entrepreneurial-driven, hard charging, and fast-growing companies, though, require expertise at critical junctures to maintain and advance growth. For such companies, Ange is a go-to partner.


Ange cut her teeth at Williams Television Time, the DRTV industry's pioneer and the fastest growing media buying agency of its day. She developed and led the corporate human resources function and effectively managed the company’s rapid 6-year growth. Over the next 6 years, as a human resources director, Ange managed the explosive growth within divisions of both Ernst & Young and Pitney Bowes. For the last 20 years, Ange’s entrepreneur-within has driven her career. She started and ran 2 companies; first MetaForce, then HR4Entrepreneurs.

Ange created LeaderSauce in 2016 because she found the root of many HR issues like low morale, high turnover, lawsuits, apathy, and resulting client issues could have been resolved or prevented with purposeful leadership and strong managers. As with any really good sauce, it took time, passion, and experience to pinpoint the right mix of models, skills, coaching techniques, and tools that actually work and create the results and change our clients love.


Ange is certified in The Leadership Challenge, 6 Types of Working Genius, as a Gallup Strengths Coach, and is an authorized partner of Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors of a Team.

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