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Russell Kern
CEO  The EMZO Group, LLC

  • Organizational Performance Optimization Expert 

  • Human Behavioralist

  • NeuroMarketing Specialist

  • Brand-Demand Marketer 


I look forward to helping your organization thrive by sharing my 40 years of expertise in growing and leading high-performance organizations.


I've built my first marketing agency from a team of two in a tiny office to over 200 FTE's. I was then was able to achieve a liquidity event to one of the world's largest agency holding companies in the world

Over my career lifetime, I have with some of the largest marketing organizations and many start ups, that have given me a unique combination of expertise in both the human behavior of marketing, as well as the human behavior of high performance leadership organizational dynamics.


It is with a deep personal passion combined with the EMZO Seal Team of experts in organizational performance optimization, we look forward to helping you tap into the proven power of the positive inquiry method, created at Case Western University and well as Strength Centric Leadership, to achieve new levels of success especially in these uncertain times.    

About Our Approach

We transform newly formed teams or new organizations into collaborative, innovative, highly-effective business units

We significantly increase the skills of your leaders to become high-performance strength-centric coaches

We work with you and your team to create a growth-centric lifecycle strategic plan that will increase organizational success, financial growth and workforce engagement

We will show you how to increase the effectiveness and return on investment of Customer Acquisition and Lifetime Value Sales and Marketing Activities

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