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Edwin Korver

Positive Inquiry, Generative Idea Consultant

ROUNDMAP Senior Leadership Strategic Trainer

Hi. My name is Edwin Korver.

I am a systems thinker, although I also call myself an integralist, polymath, or multipotentialist.

No situation is too complex for me; no challenge is too big! Bring it on!

I am adept at Freeman's stakeholder theory, in which the interests of all stakeholders - not just those of shareholders - are taken into account in decision-making.

This increases the accountability and involvement of stakeholders and forces companies to take public opinion seriously. Of course, this also applies to my company, CROSS-SILO.

During my study (2013-2021) towards an Integral Business Framework, I came across a term that matched my beliefs so well that it has become my motto in life: EQuitability.

It stands for 'impartial, reasonable, fair, just, and right'. A number of finds in ROUNDMAP ™ have brought Stakeholder EQuitability a long way.

The capital letters EQ refer to Emotional Intelligence, indicating the necessary empathic abilities.

Because there was no academic program that was broad and deep enough to learn all aspects of the business in an integrated way, I developed it myself. The ROUNDMAP™ Academy trains to the degree of Grandmaster of Business™. which is now available through the EMZO Group in the United States.

More about Cross -Silos

CROSS-SILO was founded by Edwin Korver in 2016 to put a 7-year study into practice of the dynamics that determine a firm’s operational and commercial success ─ in an age of rapid breakthroughs and early breakdowns.

He found that one of the root causes of weak performance comes from a lack of cross-boundary collaboration. This hampers a firm’s ability to innovate in a meaningful way or to deliver seamless, unsurpassable, and highly-personalized customer experiences that are desired and expected by most customers today.

Usually, when growth starts to decline, executives look for new opportunities for growth rather than to fix the silo syndrome. However, if the silo problem persists, the outcome of any substitute endeavor will most likely be as disappointing.

Mr Kover has helps leaders become a Grandmaster of Business™, a seasoned professional with both a depth of expertise and a breadth of perspective, that can remove the negative side effects caused by the silo mentality

And by doing so, drives cross-boundary collaboration to improve the firm’s readiness to change and its ability to innovate, as well as deliver meaningful value to compete successfully in today's most complex world.

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