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A Positive Whole System Approach to Self-Organization and High Performance

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

By Edwin Korver- CEO of Cross Silos, Creator of ROUNDMAP Strategic Planning


While fast-paced breakthroughs are generally welcomed, their counterparts, rapid breakdowns, are known to cause anxiety and fear amongst staff members, leading to fight, flight, or freeze responses, curbing a firm’s readiness for change. To cope with growing uncertainty, firms need to be on top of the market, quickly identifying new threats and opportunities and ensuring that each one gets the corresponding attention.

ROUNDMAP™ is a proprietary Framework built from the ground up to master the business enterprise.

One of its many uses is to drive customer and employee engagement, reduce turnover, raise customer satisfaction, forge strong customer bonds, lead toward integral change, drive sustaining growth, and boost customer lifetime value.

ROUNDMAP™ Change Map offers a path to transform a fragile, business-as-usual operation into an agile, vision-led, purpose-driven, generative, positive, high-performing, and self-organizing powerhouse.

We recommend hiring a Grandmaster of Business™ that can stand shoulder to shoulder with leadership to guide management and staff toward a vibrant, inclusive, compassionate, diverse, customer-driven, trustworthy, equitable, alert, data-driven, and future-fit organization.

You know the phrase: United we stand, divided we fall. In times of rapid change, we have to set aside our differences, restore confidence, and work in unity across the functional and mental silos to bring about a future we desire for ourselves, our children, and our blue planet.

ROUNDMAP™ supports executives that want to learn how to lead from an awe-inspiring vision, how to boost collaboration and creativity across the functional silos, and how to drive favorable innovation while exciting employees to create significant value for customers, and to deliver that value in a sustainable and meaningful way; to justify the capture of an Equitable share of that value to drive the company's long-term business growth.

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