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Robin Bender

Digital Media Strategist, Planner, Buyer

Media Spend Optimization Expert

Hi.  I'm Robin.

I bring my clients the experience of 17 years at Omnicom and 12 years as founder of 2 successful start-up media agencies.


I  “treat every dollar as my own and make every placement on your behalf count to generate revenue!”  


I have concentrated throughout my career in accountable, precision media to drives sales, new customers, and revenue. 


I've had the honor to work with clients like DIRECTV, AAA of CA and Blue Cross of CA  and have brought them BIG RESULTS!  


I now take all my education as an early innovator in direct marketing and the digital space to plan, buy and optimize media campaigns for high growth companies of all sizes.

I am proud to have started LOR Media, a female-owned media agency that specializes in healthcare and customer acquisition of high-ticket services and products. 


My agency buys in all media areas, including over tens of millions in paid social media.  We have been innovators in introducing paid social channels with great success to many clients.  For example, we added Lead Gen units into the mix for two clients which helped improve our CPLs by 40%!  Building brand awareness and generating quality leads is the core of our being.  

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