The EMZO Group Agility and Innovation Culture Development Method

Optimizing Organizational Performance with Cross Silo Collaboration for Increased Agility, Innovation and Resiliency 


Thursday, March 31st, 11 AM (PST)

A 25 Minute Webinar for CEOs and CHROs


Keynote Presenter:

Edwin Korver

CEO, Cross Silos

Architect of ROUNDMAP™ Conditional Leadership

Learn more about ROUNDMAP™ Conditional Leadership:
ROUNDMAP™ Framework Explained

Conditional Leadership

Change Circles™



Russell Kern

CEO, The EMZO Group

A 40+ year expert in F500 and Mid-Market Leadership

In this webinar you will learn how to:

Navigate uncertainty while you stop the internal confusion

Empower your team leaders to push decision making down the chain for rapid response

Build a stronger, more agile, and innovative organization

Unlock the knowledge trapped within silos

Improve employee engagement and reduce attrition

Have more effective front line customer listening

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